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DasCoin’s public exchange launch comes amid flurry of announcements

DasCoin’s public exchange launch comes amid flurry of announcements

DASC launch

DasCoin completed a successful launch on public exchanges at a memorable event at London’s O2 Arena on Friday.

EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon all began trading DasCoin in the immediate aftermath of DasCoin: The Evolution of Money.

Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, said: “Public trading is a significant milestone in the DasCoin story, and listing on these initial exchanges is a testament to the interest in our unique blockchain solutions model. It fulfils the promise of a huge amount of work by DasCoin and continues to build upon the launch of our proprietary blockchain in March last year.

One of the guest speakers was Annemieke Dierkes, of BitShares Blockchain Foundation. She said three of the top 10 blockchains in the world are built on the Graphene technology provided by BitShares, and DasCoin also utilizes Graphene. “It is an essential part of blockchain communities,” she said.

Among other developments unveiled at DasCoin: The Evolution of Money

  • A new technical White Paper providing enhanced detail on DasCoin’s technology
  • The CEOs of 10 new collaboration partners were introduced to the audience
  • Das33 – a new platform designed to introduce fresh ecosystem partners

Terry O’Hearn, executive chairman of DasFinancial explained more about Das33.

He said: “There are going to be 33 nodes in our system. Das33 this will create a better standard: an informational website describing the technology and standards which will govern our Token Asset Offerings.”

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