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About DasCoin

Welcome to DasCoin Australia!
DasCoin is arency with a slight difference! It combines the best qualities of decentralised cryptocurrencies but features with it, the best aspects of centralised cryptocurrencies  – DasCoin simply eliminates the weaknesses of these. DasCoin is a real gamer changer in the cryptocurrency world. Whether you are a newbie and need help to understand, or a bit more advanced and want to just become involved with Dascoin, we hope our our site can help you in the world of DasCoin.

Please Note: The only way to obtain DasCoins is to purchase a license from Netleaders.



You can purchase a Netleaders  Software Licences from 100 EUR to 25000 EUR. Below are the license options for purchase of license.

NetLeaders Licenses

NetLeaders Licenses

DasCoin – calculations (how many DasCoins you’ll get?)

How many coins you will get at your license depends on “frequency lock” parameter. The Frequency will be increased time and again. FIND OUT MORE

Don’t miss the opportunity to BUY LICENSE now and be an Advocate to enter in extra earning opportunity.  The NetLeaders Compensation Plan Program provides an easy way for you to earn bonuses for making referrals. The program pays out on 3 levels, direct referrals, a binary commission on your weak leg and also offers matching bonuses up to 5  levels. A full suite of marketing tools is included with your Netleaders Licence.

There are 3 types of bonuses one can get.

1 BONUS -> Direct sales bonus: 10%

2 BONUS -> Network bonus: 10%

3 BONUS -> Matching bonus: 10-30%

How much I can make if I start to promote DasCoin?

You can make UNLIMITED. There are weekly withdrawal limits for Advocate/Network Sales Commissions depending on the license package you purchase. Even though you can have only one licence per account, you can create unlimited number of accounts. So your income potential is literally unlimited.