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DASC launch

DasCoin’s public exchange launch comes amid flurry of announcements

DasCoin completed a successful launch on public exchanges at a memorable event at London’s O2 Arena on Friday. EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon all began trading DasCoin in the immediate aftermath of DasCoin: The Evolution of Money. Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, said: “Public trading is a significant milestone in the DasCoin story, and listing…
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Michael Announcement 3-31-2018

A special announcement from DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias. MIchael Announcement 3-31-2018 from John Pretto on Vimeo.

New daily webinars ahead of DasCoin’s public exchange launch prove big hit

The new daily opportunity webinars for all NetLeaders Advocates, license-holders and prospects, which began on Monday and continue through until Wednesday 25 April, two days before the official launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, are proving to be a tremendous success. The webinars are designed to present the business to anyone interested in finding out more about our ecosystem…
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100,000 licenses and counting

100,000 licenses and counting. Many congratulations all. Now let’s keep on notching those landmarks through public exchange launch, DasPay and beyond!

DasCoin defines the future of fashion and the blockchain at Eiffel Tower event

The same technology that powers the DasCoin blockchain will be used to develop a new blockchain, built on DasNet, to provide the fashion industry with a cost-effective way of safeguarding designs and authenticating genuine products. Similar platforms for other industries will also be developed in the future. DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias used the opportunity provided…
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